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If you want to join me and, eventually, the rest, please make a journal episode series. Make a request then I'll assign you a number depending on when you joined this group regardless of whether you are stronger or weaker than other members. For example, the founder, A.K.A. myself, is Number I. The first co-founder is Number II. The second is Number III and so on. One last thing: Once you are assigned a number, please make a journal with that number and your own creative title along with some of your strengths to let me and other co-founders know about your powers. We would also like to know your weaknesses, power and otherwise so that we might be able to cover them. Do you think you have what it takes?
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Oct 25, 2015


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Tracer x Mei X by Shablagooo
Mature content
Tracer x Mei X :iconshablagooo:Shablagooo 1,890 124
MLP humanized: Gilda by 00riko MLP humanized: Gilda :icon00riko:00riko 125 29 A man and his imaginary by Kreaki A man and his imaginary :iconkreaki:Kreaki 20 20 Retro Scouts by hyamei Retro Scouts :iconhyamei:hyamei 5,992 411
Mirrored Heart Chapter 1
''Whaa! I'm late! I'm late! I'm late!'' a girl with dark blonde hair. She wore a school uniform; was around 15 years and had two different eye colors, her left one was yellow while the right was green and a small red crystal pendant around her neck.
She ran through the streets and the reason for that was because of the old classic 'I have overslept situation'.
As she was running she didn't look where she went in her panic and bumped into somebody, causing her to fall on her butt while the other person seemed to have felt the impact but wasn't much affected.
"Watch where you running!" told the person, who had a female voice. As the girl looked up, she spotted a girl around her age, wearing a sleeveless shirt and short pants in black with black shoes. The hair were blue with black stripes and above her green eyes were sky goggles and a pair of fingerless gloves covered the hands with two leather bands around the left arm.
'' Sorry! Last night I watch a DVD of Jack Chan. And I went to bed
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Mirrored Heart Chapter 2
It was late in the evening and Serena just finished cleaning the kitchen after making herself a good meal. Then she heard somebody ringing on the door. She turned and wondered, "Who could it be? I told nobody where I live during my stay."
She got to the door and checked who was standing in front of it. She spotted a woman with white long hair and purple eyes. She wore blue jeans and a red vest. Opening the door slightly, ready to shut it close anytime, asks asked, "Can I help you?"
"Your name is Serena Schwarzmagier?''
"That's correct," told the blue haired girl. "And you are?"
"I'm Chris Yukine. I am one of the teachers in your school,'' Chris said while she had some paper in her hands. "You have accidentally forgotten to sign some papers.''
Serena sighed and opened the door completely, "I thought all of them had my mark. Come in please."
Chris walked in and went to the living room. She gave her the paper and began to write her name.
Serena started signing them while Chris took the op
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Mirrored Heart Chapter 3
Serena was still standing on top of a building and tries tried to hold the enemy with her magic seals but they got weaker with each passing second. Desperate she shouted, "When do we finally get a killing blow on it?"
Kanade then invoked two large swords and plug in the wings of the monster. While Chris' minigun changed to a crossbow with a purple crystal arrow on it she shot the crystal arrow into the air and that breaks apart into a large number of smaller arrows, all which rain down on the bird.
"Did we get it?'' Kanade asked.
While it wasn't flying, the bird roared loudly at them. Serena stared and asked, "Is this real?"
The bird began flashing and then let an electric shock wave. Chris and Kanade had just escaped, but Serena was hit by the shock wave and became paralyzed.
"I hate this," she groaned loudly, trying to struggle up.
Then the monster fired a beam of light at Serena. Just before it hit, she was able to block the attack with a shield, "Serena-chan!''
Serena turned to see
:iconxsdstitch:XSDSTITCH 3 1
Mirrored Heart Chapter 5
Saph and Youta were in the library, checking the contents of the books for anything that Saph was looking for…
"How come that your world has books about dragons in six different sections instead of one?" wondered the dragon while looking in a very big book which also seemed very old.
"That's because in this world there's a lot of legends of dragons in other countries."
"Dragons in other countries? I thought you didn't have any real ones… at least, living ones."
"And that's why we have archeologists. They're always searching for answers in ancient temples or other places, trying to discover if legends are true or not," Youta explained.
Nodding, Saph kept studying the book and stopped, "Youta… I think I found something."
And he laid down the book and showed a picture of an ancient wall where there was a bird and some ancient letters represented, "According to this book… this bird from yesterday was the first sign of an ancient legend… though the chapter is i
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Mirrored Heart Chapter 4
On the next day, everywhere around the city machines started repairing the damage from the previous night. While some knew the truth, the government came up with a cover up story that stated a sudden storm from the previous night was responsible for the damage and assured that in the future nothing like that would happen again.
Kanade groaned after hearing the news from the radio and asked, "Seriously? Do they really think that people will believe that the damage was caused by energy blasts, ice, fire and thunder spells and what else hit around can be explained by a thunderstorm?"
"It's the only thing they can do Kanade," told Chris. "How the hell can they explain that the city was attacked by a bird that summoned lightning?"
"Like how they explained the Noise," offered Kanade. "I mean, people were at least some sort of prepared for them… as good as any non-symphogear user could have gotten prepared."
"Because Genie told us that the bird came from that wall where Lea and the rest
:iconxsdstitch:XSDSTITCH 4 0
[Request] Youta Yuma by BakApple [Request] Youta Yuma :iconbakapple:BakApple 15 5 Sephora Fail by basalt Sephora Fail :iconbasalt:basalt 264 59 Commission - Ahri x Valentine by chazzpineda Commission - Ahri x Valentine :iconchazzpineda:chazzpineda 165 42 BHTSY-11-13 by Gairon BHTSY-11-13 :icongairon:Gairon 113 47
My name is MaxtWolf, I have no home, fellow gentle ones.

My story is as follows...

Horrible is the conception of those who thinks that to face Shadows, you must be innocent towards it.
I grew among the most beautiful of places and lived with a blooming family until the end of my youth, where it was all taken by fiends from the Darkness.
I became posessed in anger by such happening, the deaths and all the corruption that took my lands away were much for my young heart to take.
I took on studying both the light, the dark and ways to frolic with both of their powers.
That changed me forever as I became something who could cross into all dimensions of existence.
I have powers that can materialize objects, summon beasts from other worlds and give me strenght, speed of thought and body beyond common sense.
However, the terrible downside to this enormous power is that my sanity renders to a low point each time I abuse the power, going to horrible extents where I become abusively suicidal to defeat enemy opponents.
In your luck, however, I know very well who are my friends and my enemies, so fear not if you see me taking a turn for the worse.
Just be afraid if you ever see a thousand projectiles flying all around as I can't really control where they will land.
Also, if you ever see me brandishing a giant blade? Stay out of my way, if it is something I want dead, it will die.

No questions.
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